Product Care

Below are some tips that we offer, for you to be able to care for your gorgeous jewellery pieces & that they last for years to come. 

01.  Storage.  Please keep your jewellery in a safe place to avoid any breakages.  We highly recommend that you store them on their jewellery card or use a jewellery dish. 

Avoid storing your jewellery in excessive heat & sun exposure, as it may discolour  & could make the material brittle over time.

Do not store your jewellery in your handbag or stuff them into any bag!  This is a rookie mistake, they will break under pressure like anything of value would.  Your jewellery is made from polymer clay & although it is plastic, it does have a breaking point if squashed or placed under pressure.

02.  Cleaning.  We've all come home from a great night out with our friends & realised we have some make-up stains on our jewellery.  Should you smudge your jewels with foundation or find any unwanted stains on them, please find a clean cloth & dampen with fresh water to gently wipe away any stains (do not use any cleaning sprays or harsh chemicals, as it may react with the material or fade its colour! 

*Another handy tip is to clean with baby wipes, this works a treat :)

03.  Wear with Care.  Please be mindful of these types of wear as they can apply unwanted pressure on your jewellery:

(a) Swimming with your earrings.

(b) Long hair.  Sometimes your hair may get caught on your jewellery pieces.  Please be mindful not to tug at them too hard should your earrings get caught in your hair. 

*Take care placing your hair into a pony tail whilst wearing your earrings to avoid any tugs & breakages.

(c) Big jumpers & jackets with hoodies & collars may rub against your earrings & dislodge them from their back clasps & fall away.  Please be mindful as we don't want you to lose your gems.

We know & trust that you will look after your precious pieces of art & that they will  add a 'Punch' of colour to your life for years to come. 

Thank you so much for shopping at Punch Jewellery.  Wishing you much love, light, colour & fun, Nicky Pagh xx