The Creative

Hello, my name is Nicky Pagh and I am the creative at Punch Jewellery. 

Welcome.  This is the place where I allow myself time to dream, envision, be creative and make a universe filled with love, colour and fun.

A place where play, focus and effort combine together, with my intention of using colour to create jewellery that reminds you that 'you are the magic.'  Your love & kindness is your true beauty.  Being your divine self. 

My background is in Product Design (Industrial Design.)  I have had the pleasure to work as a 'concept and product designer' at LEGO, for 19 years of my life (working full time in Denmark and then as a freelance designer from my Melbourne studio.)

I had an amazing time working with this toy company and in developing my skill sets over the years, which they helped me nurture.  I am very grateful for this experience and have had the pleasure to meet wonderful people along the way from all over the world.

Manifesting colourful, whimsical, playful ideas, and bringing them to life by creating and making products with my own hands, is my passion.  Attention to details, craftsmanship, materials, shapes, textures and colours are important to me.  Finding the balance and relationship between these elements is an art form.

In 2020 I decided it was time to pursue an idea from my heart, in the world of polymer clay and fashion. This is where Punch Jewellery was born.  

There is true magic in seeing authentic, one-of-a-kind, hand made goods; rather than mass produced items made by machines.  It's authentic, heart and spirit based, as opposed to machine made copies that are common.  It lacks the human energy being transferred to the jewellery pieces within the making process. 

My belief is that during the making process, I transfer my creative, positive energy, that radiates from my heart space and creative field, into all the jewellery pieces I create.  This is an essential ingredient that transfers to you, when you wear Punch Jewellery.  

Being in flow with the universe energetically and creating from the heart, gives me much pleasure.  The environment I create in at the Punch Jewellery studio is cosy, comfortable, clean and filled with music to sooth my soul.  It's my sacred space of creativity and love of craft.

I am grateful for being a creator and making colourful, fun, bright, happy and playful jewellery.  They are a symbol to remind you to appreciate and admire your beautiful inner, authentic self.

Each jewellery item is a small piece of art.  Wear it with pride, feel your inner spirit shine.  Radiate your true inner beauty and share that energy with those you love most in this world.  

My idea is small, like a drop in the ocean that ripples out into the world.  Through artful pieces of jewellery, love and happiness grows, nurture your heart space and live in flow.

Wishing you much love, light, colour and fun. xx